KTM CKD lawat pusat tahfiz


Date : 18th April, 2015
Time : 7.30am – 5.00pm
• “Ride” for charity.• Visit Ma’ahad Tahfiz, which was hit by recent flood in December 2014. • To donate some cash in order to ease the burden of running the Ma’ahad Tahfiz operating cost. Though not much was collected, what matters most are the willingness to help the needy & creating awareness among the public• To instill the safety riding attitude among the young KTM Owners Club.• To close to gap among the KM owners, with KTM officials, the media & society.• To potray positive image of KTM riders among the public that KTM do not just ride for fun, but also ride because of the care & concern of others well being. Close to 70 KTM bikers participated in this ride, of which some of them came from as far as Johor Bahru to join the joyride. All participants pay only RM23.00 as commitment fee, and all collections are donated to the Ma’ahad Tahfiz.

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Sager Ahmad said...

Salam, bro Salihin, kalou nak senarai penuh mngsa insiden Nuri jatuh di Lundu tebngok dlm my FB: Fort Atap