F1 roadshow at Juru Autocity and Gurney Plaza


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bagi pembaca di Pulau Pinang dan juga utara Semenanjung, jangan lepaskan peluang mengikuti roadshow kembara jalanan Litar Sepang bersempena Formula One Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix. Roadshow ini bermula esok Jumaat 6 Mac selama tiga hari sehingga Ahad ini di Autocity Juru dan juga di Gurney Plaza.

Dapatkan tiket F1 anda di sana, dan anda berpeluang menyertai beberapa acara yang menyediakan hadiiah menarik seperti tiket F1 percuma. Dan, pembeli tiket juga merpeluang memenangi sebuah Mazda RX-8 !!

Saksikan juga pameran kereta F1 dan juga Mazda ini di sana.


Racing fans in Penang can win free tickets to catch the upcoming 2009 Formula One Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix live in Sepang next month by joining various fun activities organized by Sepang International Circuit (SIC) at its three-day F1 roadshow at Juru Autocity and Gurney Plaza beginning tomorrow.

“Fans even stand to win the F1 tickets by just coming to the roadshows. Just see our promo girls and sign our guestbooks and you may win yourself a Main Grandstand Tower tickets to catch the race in Sepang,” says SIC Media Manager Irwan A. Rahman.

Sepang will host Round 2 of the 2009 Formula One World Championship from April 3 to 5. The new season opens at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on the preceding weekend.

“Fans can also win the F1 tickets by taking part in our fun activities like the F1 Simulator Contest and the Speedzone Quiz where we test the fans their knowledge about Formula One. It’s so simple and it’s lots of fun,” he said.

Penang is the third stop of the F1 Roadshow, which opened at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago before it went to Johor Bahru from February 27 to March 1. After the roadshows in Autocity and Gurney Plaza, the roadshows would proceed to One Utama in Petaling Jaya.

“We had good response from the fans both at Pavilion and City Square; and we expect another good turnout Penang as these two locations had always been to hugely popular venues with motor racing fans,” he said.

Apart from a Formula One BMW on display where fans can get a closer look and take photographs, also on show at the roadshow would be a blazing red Mazda RX-8, which is the grand prize for a special contest exclusively for ticket purchasers at the roadshows.

“Yes, you can only win the Mazda RX-8 by coming here at the roadshow and buy your tickets at the roadshow,” Irwan said, adding that fans could also buy F1 and racing merchandise as well tickets to Sunburst KL International Music Festival, which would held in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur on March 21 as part of supporting events for the Grand Prix.

Aku dah beli GTS......


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Yamaha introduces 2009 R1 with crossplane firing order

Kpd rakan semua yang inginkan artikel ini dalam BM, harap sabor ye... sibuk sket ni....
crossplane ni teknologi lama sebenarya, tapi pertamakali digunakan untuk motosikal 4 selinder. Kebiasaannya, aci oleng atau crankshaft tu sebaris atau sejajar je keempat empat pin nya, kalau dilihat dari pandangan sisi, tapi bagi enjin crossplan atau jajar-lintang ini, ianya bertentangan 90° .

For the first time, the cross plane crankshaft is utilised on an in-line 4 cylinder motorcycle engine. The 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 uses the crossplane crankshaft and also utilises a specially designed balancer to counteract the unusual vibration found in this type of crank when not used in conjunction with a V8 engine. This type of crank has been used in their M1 moto GP racing models for 4 years, and has finally made it to mass-production due to advances in Yamaha's metal forging technologies.

The crossplane or cross-plane is a crankshaft design with a 90° angle between the cylinder banks.
The crossplane crankshaft has four crankpins, each offset at 90° from the adjacent crankpins. The crankpins are therefore in two planes crossed at 90°, hence the name crossplane. A crossplane crank may have up to five main bearings, and normally does, as well as large balancing weights. Crossplane engines have uneven firing patterns within each cylinder bank, producing a distinctive burble in the exhaust note, but an even firing pattern overall.
Early V8 engines, modern racing engines and some others used or use the flatplane crankshaft, which is similar to that used in a straight four or flat-four engine. Flatplane engines may use any angle between the cylinder banks, with 60° and 90° the most common, however Ferrari uses 65°. They lack the V8 burble and the inherent mechanical balance of the crossplane design, but do not require the large crankshaft balancing weights. Modern flatplane designs often incorporate a balance shaft, which is not needed by the crossplane design.
The crossplane design was first proposed in 1915, and developed by Cadillac and Peerless, both of whom produced flatplane V8s before introducing the crossplane design. Cadillac introduced the first crossplane in 1923, with Peerless following in 1924.